Common Signs of heart disease

Common signs of heart disease in dogs

Written by Tom Sanderson

27th January 2023

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  1. Mrs Pat Morris B.V.M.&S M.R.C.V.S. (RETIRED AFTER 45 YEARS of my own pet practice)

    I have owned Cavalies since 1963 and treated many hundreds as patients. Yes they are prone to MVD – and heart testing of parents and grandparents if very helpful BUT also look at the longevity of the dogsback in the pedigree. Somedtimes it is best to pick a pup from a line of Cavaliers who have had LONG lives rather than a lot of testing – although testing is of course useful Pups with grandparents etc living well into their teens have a better chance – although not always. I used to recommend Cav aliers to licentsd as the idea family dog (which they aRE) AND WHEN i QUALIFIED IN in 1963 many many of them live to be 15 or more. Not so these days – when I retired a few years ago – I advised a life span – with a bit of luck of 10-12 . or even less.

    • Tara Evans

      Thank you for your comment. We agree that good breeding lines are important as well as monitoring and ensuring that potential and current owners are aware of the possible risks and monitoring the clinical signs and having regular health checks.


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